We had the wonderful opportunity to visit The Archive, in South Miami, last week. The store is just fantastic, definitely a must see for all Miami lovers. Drop by at 1559 1/2 Sunset Drive​ Coral Gables, FL 331​43​.

This destination boutique is a treasure chest, featuring work from local artists, unique one-of-a-kind collectible items, and even interior design services.. not to mention the welcoming, cozy environment and ideal shopping experience for the curious mind.

We had the best time with owner and curator, Ana Mari Portuondo, giving us the full tour of the store and showing us all of their rare artifacts and exclusive art and furniture pieces. She comes from a long line of Architects, Artists, and Designers, who have helped shape her into the young professional she is today. The Archive, a joint enterprise, is also operated by Portuondo’s partner, Alicia Cuervo, an experienced Civil Engineer who has also created several of their pieces. (follow them on Facebook Here!)

Take a look at our favorite shots from our afternoon surrounded by their beautiful art and flawless taste!


Most of their furniture pieces are super cool finds from their travels, like this century old convertible school bench (above).


They  also have very interesting pieces by young  furniture designers like Alan D’Amore, and James Pensado.


These gorgeous ceramic bud vases are all one-of-a-kind pieces by the talented Marsha Silverman.



Their main resident artists include the fabulous Ana Trelles Portoundo, Joaquin Godoy, Veronica Fuenzalida, Giana DiBartolomeo, and photographer Carlos Domenech.


We would like to give a special thank you to the charming Ana Mari for taking such good care of us during our visit!


We also have to commend this duo for their incredible space sensibility and incredible selection of accessories and delicious candles.. seriously their place smells amazing 24/7!