Make a statement in your small spaces

When designing a home, the common tendency is to first focus in the destination areas; we choose colors, furniture, lighting, and accessories. By the time we are through with these rooms, the transitional spaces are left for last and generally seem to settle with the conventional safe solutions, picture frames, console tables, mirrors, etc. But transitions are actually a big part of a home visit experience, and can change the general style of a house when given the deserved attention. In other words, STAIRS, CORRIDORS, AND FOYERS DO NOT NEED TO BE UNDERSTATED.

Improve your stair design with simple changes

I begin with stairs because they are the most usual vertical circulation in a house; they can say a lot to visitors without the need to explore the upper levels, and they deliver a sense of completion in the design. It is in the nature of stairs to stand out, and sometimes it is a good opportunity to refresh your home style by introducing something different, and more true to your personality. They don’t always have to “match” the rest of the house, but it is rather important that they intentionally contribute to the look of your home in one way or another.

I particularly love to see smart solutions for that awkward space left under the stairs. Sometimes it can be as simple as a nicely put desk area, or it can also be an extra fun looking small storage room or playroom.With a little enthusiasm, the stairway can be the nicest spot of the house; not only decorative but useful. A stairway can be designed to be an original book shelf; a longer step creating a charm “console” or a perfect place for a cozy home office.


under stairs

You can add detail to your stair design using the structure to add subtle decorative elements

under the stairs

A stairway can be designed to be an original book shelf; a longer step creating a charm “console” or a perfect place for a cozy home office.

storage for kids

The space under the stairs can always be used for extra storage or a small playroom, but it can also add personality while keeping its functionality.

The stair rises can also be treated as extra wall surface where you display more of your creativity; you can make your own works of art or use materials like paper, wall coverings, or carpet, in an original way. The railings shouldn’t be neglected. You can add a lot of life to a space just by adding some color to the balusters or using unconventional materials like rope or cable.

stairs design

Just adding some color makes the stairs pop. Whether you use saturated neutrals, bold hues, or even carpet, it will make your stairs stand out.

ideas for stairs

Using patterns, prints, and text, can give your stairs a more personal feel and even become the artwork in your home.

staircase railings

The balusters can sometimes be all the difference your stairs need. You can play with color or replace them for other materials to send a moderately bold message.