Living in Miami, we become inherently familiar to the pop art scene. Innumerable Art walks and the yearly Art Basel events prove that the design and art community has a great influence in the overall Miami culture.

We recently had the immense pleasure to visit brazilian-american artist, Romero Britto, at his office and atelier in Wynwood, the hip and current art neighborhood in Miami, Fl. We would really like to thank his staff for the wonderful tour around the building. Getting to meet some of the members of the Britto family was definitely one of our favorite parts. As soon as we walked in, we realized how the essence of the art really translated in their work environment, which was inspiring, welcoming, and full of energy, but most importantly, it was remarkably approachable.






Britto is most known for his color and pattern application with cubist and pop art influences as well as a hint of street graffiti. He has been commissioned many major sculptures and installations around the world, from charitable work to commercial branding. His work manifests the celebration of all living things and is always displayed in a positive manner. We got to spend some time with him at his shop where he shared stories about his career and plans for the future. It was very endearing to walk in to a studio full of such personality; loud party music, pictures taped onto the walls, and an overpopulation of trinkets and unique mementos. This man surely loves what he does.




As part of  his art business, Britto  produces art and object collectibles, which are available for purchase at his pop shop. The company also handles their own custom framing and merchandise distribution. Even the back of their business cards are ridiculously cute! (below) Can you imagine these prints as fabric and wall or gift paper??