There are many things you must learn once you have a home of your own. Hosting, an aptitude that perfects with practice, is among the most rewarding skills you can acquire. In my interest  to learn how to properly host a dinner, I realized how important it is to instinctively know how to set up a table. I quickly searched for the answer online and found many ways to achieve this, so I chose two of the formats that best fitted a typical American home. I find it useful to look at something graphic, so I prepared these little instructional collages to share with those of you who would like to improve your table-setting skills. You’re welcome.

Every day / Informal table setting


Placing your napkin on the left side of your plate ia also perfectly acceptable.

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Formal dining table setting


During the dessert course, the cup and saucer are brought out, and the dessert plate replaces the service plate, of course.

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