Because of our recent furnishing projects, we’ve had to do intensive research on new interesting lighting fixtures. We came across many innovative options, but we took a particular interest in the simple but versatile nature of the new lamp concept. Lighting design seems to be taking a clear direction towards executing conventional ideas in an unconventional manner.. AND WE ARE LOVING IT!

<3 These are our favorite picks!


The Miyake Lamp, by Arihiro Miyake,  uses the base’s weight to stabilize itself. It’s a beautiful and simple design, and you can position it in different angles depending on it surroundings.
“Scent of Light” is a collaboration of Diego Vencato and architect Marco Merendi. This work was inspired by the concept of fragrance. The glass vessel is a diffuser that sits on a shallow dish that reflects the light. It can also independently pivot depending on the amount of light you want.
Magno Tube Lamp, by Doreen Westphal, is an incredibly ingenious lamp. A copper-coated iron tube can be held in place against the edges of its magnetic concrete base. The magnets are imbedded in the concrete so no mechanisms show. Super clever.
And talking about magnetism.. check out Magneto! We recently bumped into this beautiful table lamp at one of our local favorites, Anima Domus, in Miami’s design district. This light was design by Giulio Iacchetti for Foscarini. A magnetic ball holds the light and base together while acting as a joint that allows you to point the light to any direction you want.
Pilu is a simple but beautiful design by Leoni Werle. the base allows you to switch the light between two different positons, like a seesaw. The lampshade is connected to the base by a hinge that allows the light to be directed downwards, even when the lamp is in the angled position.. and look how charming it is!