I recently bumped into this cool idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. I wish I had come up with it because its the cutest way to personalize your cups, mugs, or anything porcelain. I purchased simple mugs from Pottery Barn, and used my favorite Pier 1 espresso cups. It goes without saying that this is done by hand, thus not meant to look perfect, which I love.. but if you’d like a more precise look, you can fashion a stencil out of cut out cardstock paper. You will need:

  • Porcelain mug, or mug, or anything porcelain.
  • Sharpie markers, any color you’d like (I used metallic gold, silver, regular blue, and black).
  • Cotton balls, or a cloth rag.
  • Acetone (or nail polish remover w acetone).
  • An oven.

Draw out your pattern or a general idea on paper first, this will help you as guide. Once you feel ready you can procede to draw on the porcelain surface; make sure to have a light hand because too much pressure can cause streak marks. If you must erase, you can use a bit of acetone on a cotton ball or q-tip even. Preheat oven on 350. Then, bake drawn item for 30 minutes. Use mittens to remove and let cool completely before touching directly. Voila!