Cocktail tables can get tricky sometimes. As much as I enjoy clean surfaces, boring cocktail tables can look a little sad and make your living room feel like a waiting room. Clever accessorizing is a great way to give your coffee and side tables a little more character, although it’s very important to respect the style of the piece itself.. not everything that looks good on one table can look good on all. Your occasional tables should speak of your personal style above all, and this must be respected in order to depict  your profile in the details that make your home.. yours. The already existing personality of your furniture can help you determine the style of accessories that you should get and even how to place them on your cocktail table.


I particularly love working with books for coffee tables; hard covers of topics related to your personal or family interests will always enhance your essence in the room. Mixing in a few small objects, such as little sculptures, bowls, ashtrays, small trays, boxes, etc, can make the layout more dynamic; you can also use small piles of books to serve as surface for these small accessories. Mid-height floral arrangements are best to bring a fresh look into the picture, you can get some ideas to choose nice floral accents according to your style here! Larger objects like candle holders or jumbo scented candles, metal or glass bowls, large flat trays, vases, etc, give the overall arrangement a good edge, but you must watch for overcrowding the total surface.


I personally dislike picture frames on cocktail tables; I find them disruptive. I think they’re better suited for side tables, console tables, shelves, or even the top of the piano. On the other hand, I love the idea of having photo albums among your book piles :)

I gathered some images that can be of use when freshening up your cocktail table: