I was born and raised in Brazil. Raising a 4 year old in the U.S. is a blessing, no doubt. Though I still would like to teach her about her brazilian heritage in one way or another (since the home-schooled portuguese lessons aren’t really paying off yet). I find that cooking is an easier way for my daughter to relate to my culture and, hopefully, it will translate into a deeper connection as she grows older. In efforts to establish a sense of tradition, I prepare my version of Brigadeiros with my little one at least once a month.

Brigadeiros are the most popular sweet treat in Brazil. They adopted this name after a Brigadier General who postulated for presidency in the 1940′s and apparently loved this rich chocolate batter. Since then, they became mandatory in any party or social gathering. In the past decade, brigadeiros have taken a whole new identity and have gone from ‘your mom’s kitchen,’ to fancy gourmet shops all over Brazil. Since brigadeiros are a bit difficult to find in the U.S., even in Miami, I’ve decided to share my personal recipe with American ingredients and measurements. I hope.. no. You will enjoy this delicious recipe for all chocolate lovers out there! If you make your own batch, make sure to share on Instagram and tag me @bitmellow :)








TIP: The film that holds the yolk from mixing with the white is what makes things smell like egg. So when you must bake with egg ¬†yolk, it’s always best to remove the film to avoid the overpowering old egg odor.


If you like sweeter chocolate, you can replace the dark chocolate powder for the regular one. Same goes for those who like bitter chocolate :)

It is IMPERATIVE that you stir in one direction only! It is a half-mystery why, but if you change from clockwise to counter-clockwise, the mix hardens into small pebbles and your brigadeiros will be ruined :(

The tricky part is waiting for the right time to remove the brigadeiro mix fromt the heat. I have come up with my 3 minute formula, which requires you to be really alert and precise, but has the best results so far. Just make sure that once the batter starts softly bubbling, you check the consistency by tilting the pan and seeing if the mix runs off the bottom. Once it does, you can wait 3 more minutes and then remove.chocolate-dessert-recipe

It’s important to wait until the mix is completely cool, because it is very sticky when it’s warm. You want to lightly grease your hands to better handle the batter, it works better than a spoon or any tool.

I have found that the Sweet Toppings sprinkles by Betty Crocker work better than regular ice cream sprinkles. They have a softer, chewier consistency that goes better with the brigadeiros than harder candy sprinkles. They’re also easy to find in almost every baking needs aisle.chocolate-brigadeiro

They result into a delicious chocolatey, creamy treat. They’re great for kid’s parties, and you can prepare them one day in advance (they’re actually yummier that way).brazilian-brigadeiro