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Flux: Some cool chair

Mar 18, 2013 Written by Alicia


This idea originated from the desire to create a strong piece of furniture from a single piece of material. The Flux chair looks like a giant envelope when flat and turns into a solid chair without the need of any tools. This Dutch design is also made form sustainable polypropylene, available in different colors, with [...]

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Category: Home Style

DIY: Fancy handmade china

Mar 15, 2013 Written by Alicia


I recently bumped into this cool idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. I wish I had come up with it because its the cutest way to personalize your cups, mugs, or anything porcelain. I purchased simple mugs from Pottery Barn, and used my favorite Pier 1 espresso cups. It goes without saying that this is [...]

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Category: DIY, Home Style

Bedroom Inspiration

Mar 13, 2013 Written by Daniela

feature image-01

In my years of practicing interior design, I’ve discovered that images are most useful to spark inspiration after hours of sketching and detailing. For me, finding a good bank of design photos with elegant but usable content is like finding a treasure buried deep at the bottom of the Google sea. Due to the anticipation [...]

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Category: Home Style

The key to smart home interiors: Corridors & Foyers

Mar 04, 2013 Written by Daniela


The narrative behind your home interiors A home says so much about the people that live in it, the way they interact with each other, their habits, you can even tell what they were thinking when they moved in. I believe it is imperative to be genuine when decorating; using the language of design to speak [...]

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Category: Home Style

Life tip: Enjoy your tea time

Feb 27, 2013 Written by bitmellow


Tea is always welcomed at the table. It’s a wonderful way to entertain guests in the afternoon or after dinner. Tea, aside from the delicious flavor and soothing aroma, is highly beneficial to your digestion and overall health. But there are many ways to make the experience more appealing and enjoyable.. Here goes some inspiration! [...]

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Category: Home Style

The Key to smart home interiors: Stair design

Feb 26, 2013 Written by Alicia

colored stairs

Make a statement in your small spaces When designing a home, the common tendency is to first focus in the destination areas; we choose colors, furniture, lighting, and accessories. By the time we are through with these rooms, the transitional spaces are left for last and generally seem to settle with the conventional safe solutions, [...]

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Category: Home Style