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Easy Peasy Appetizer

May 03, 2013 Written by bitmellow


A super easy and cute way to spice up your appetizers and finger foods is to play with your presentation. Making these white bread crackers takes no time and they look much fancier than your regular chips and dip. You can use regular white bread or wheat or any kind you prefer!   You can [...]

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DIY: Chocolate Brigadeiros

Mar 29, 2013 Written by Daniela


I was born and raised in Brazil. Raising a 4 year old in the U.S. is a blessing, no doubt. Though I still would like to teach her about her brazilian heritage in one way or another (since the home-schooled portuguese lessons aren’t really paying off yet). I find that cooking is an easier way [...]

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Category: DIY, Recipes

Homemade Banana Bread

Mar 01, 2013 Written by Daniela


  A dear old friend of mine gave me this recipe many years ago. I make this banana bread at least once a month, not only my family loves it but it is a great way to still use those “too ripe to eat” bananas. Though the preparation is incredibly easy, do not underestimate the [...]

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