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Coffee Table Advice

May 01, 2013 Written by Daniela


Cocktail tables can get tricky sometimes. As much as I enjoy clean surfaces, boring cocktail tables can look a little sad and make your living room feel like a waiting room. Clever accessorizing is a great way to give your coffee and side tables a little more character, although it’s very important to respect the [...]

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Category: Home Style

A Visit with Britto

Apr 19, 2013 Written by Daniela


Living in Miami, we become inherently familiar to the pop art scene. Innumerable Art walks and the yearly Art Basel events prove that the design and art community has a great influence in the overall Miami culture. We recently had the immense pleasure to visit brazilian-american artist, Romero Britto, at his office and atelier in Wynwood, [...]

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Category: Miami <3

Visual Tips for your Playroom!

Apr 10, 2013 Written by Daniela


If you have the chance to designate a space in your house for your little ones, I have some great ideas to inspire you. Growing with a special place at home, makes children feel like an equally important part of your household. A ‘playroom’ can simply be a corner where children can dream comfortably surrounded [...]

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Category: Home Style

Panoramic Manhattan Puzzle

Apr 08, 2013 Written by Daniela


With this arial panoramic of Manhattan, Sergey Semenov won the 2012 Epson International Photographic Pano Award in the Amateur category. This image was created by electronically stitching together thousands of panoramic views taken by him in 2011. With this method, Semenov was able to “flatten” the spherical nature of panoramas.   His love for panoramic [...]

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Category: One Shot

DIY: Chocolate Brigadeiros

Mar 29, 2013 Written by Daniela


I was born and raised in Brazil. Raising a 4 year old in the U.S. is a blessing, no doubt. Though I still would like to teach her about her brazilian heritage in one way or another (since the home-schooled portuguese lessons aren’t really paying off yet). I find that cooking is an easier way [...]

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Category: DIY, Recipes

Bedroom Inspiration

Mar 13, 2013 Written by Daniela

feature image-01

In my years of practicing interior design, I’ve discovered that images are most useful to spark inspiration after hours of sketching and detailing. For me, finding a good bank of design photos with elegant but usable content is like finding a treasure buried deep at the bottom of the Google sea. Due to the anticipation [...]

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Category: Home Style

DIY: Child size library

Mar 08, 2013 Written by Daniela


I love that my daughter loves books. Unfortunately, her bookshelf has become really crowded lately and, being that children’s books are particularly thin, it almost encourages her to forget about the books instead of reading them. I decided I wanted to resolve this with a fresh idea, so I started researching for storage/display solutions and [...]

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Category: DIY

The key to smart home interiors: Corridors & Foyers

Mar 04, 2013 Written by Daniela


The narrative behind your home interiors A home says so much about the people that live in it, the way they interact with each other, their habits, you can even tell what they were thinking when they moved in. I believe it is imperative to be genuine when decorating; using the language of design to speak [...]

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Category: Home Style

Homemade Banana Bread

Mar 01, 2013 Written by Daniela


  A dear old friend of mine gave me this recipe many years ago. I make this banana bread at least once a month, not only my family loves it but it is a great way to still use those “too ripe to eat” bananas. Though the preparation is incredibly easy, do not underestimate the [...]

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Category: Recipes