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A visit to “The Archive”

May 29, 2013 Written by bitmellow


We had the wonderful opportunity to visit The Archive, in South Miami, last week. The store is just fantastic, definitely a must see for all Miami lovers. Drop by at 1559 1/2 Sunset Drive​ Coral Gables, FL 331​43​. This destination boutique is a treasure chest, featuring work from local artists, unique one-of-a-kind collectible items, and even interior [...]

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Category: Miami <3

Wireflow by Arik Levy

May 17, 2013 Written by bitmellow


As a design lover, I really enjoy finding simple concepts executed in an elegant manner. These light installations by the talented industrial designer, Arik Levy, definitely fall under the ‘simple but elegant’ category. The chandeliers are meant to be thin sculptures that appear to be two dimensional line drawings and only identified as volumes as [...]

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Category: One Shot

Easy Peasy Appetizer

May 03, 2013 Written by bitmellow


A super easy and cute way to spice up your appetizers and finger foods is to play with your presentation. Making these white bread crackers takes no time and they look much fancier than your regular chips and dip. You can use regular white bread or wheat or any kind you prefer!   You can [...]

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Category: DIY, Recipes

Yasunari Tsukada Interiors

Apr 29, 2013 Written by bitmellow


  We found the interiors by Yasunari Tsukada beautiful, utilitarian, unpretentious, and flexible. Simply good design. This particular work is for end…Link beauty salon, in Kitahorie Osaka, Japan. The wood lattice work along the right wall serves as work stations for seven people with multiple shelving options. The light application is as clever and minimal [...]

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Category: One Shot

Milan 2013 Picks

Apr 15, 2013 Written by bitmellow


So we’ve been following the Milan design week 2013 with much yearning to be there, obviously. The yearly Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano is the biggest event of its kind  in the world. All major furniture and industrial design companies display their new products and collaborations with different artists and designers. Needless to say, [...]

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Category: One Shot

Modern and Versatile Lighting

Apr 05, 2013 Written by bitmellow


Because of our recent furnishing projects, we’ve had to do intensive research on new interesting lighting fixtures. We came across many innovative options, but we took a particular interest in the simple but versatile nature of the new lamp concept. Lighting design seems to be taking a clear direction towards executing conventional ideas in an [...]

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Category: Innovative

Modern, iconic, and timeless

Apr 01, 2013 Written by bitmellow


    On our last trip to Luminaire Miami, we were reminded of this bit of  superior design. This chair, Terminal 1, is definitely one of our favorite modern pieces. Jean-Marie Massaud designed this lounge chair for B&B Italia in 2008 and immediately became an iconic piece for this notorious furniture label. It was shown at the [...]

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Category: One Shot

Spring Fashion Inspiration for your Home

Mar 27, 2013 Written by bitmellow


There is no doubt, fashion has to be one of the major forms of inspiration for interior design. The best thing about following fashion trends is that they’re very temporary, so you don’t have to re-design a whole area but instead just carefully add a little here an there to get the feel of what [...]

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Category: Home Style

Flower applications for your home!

Mar 20, 2013 Written by bitmellow


 It is the first day of spring! We love love love this spring air of newness and good energy <3 To honor the beginning of the season, we put together a selection of great ideas to decorate with flowers to bring some vividness into your home and dust out the old winter feel (or not, [...]

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Category: Home Style