FACT: The soul of any room is found in its flooring.

As much as we love to play with colors, furniture, and wall treatments, the floor surface is the largest and most predominant element in a space, therefore, the most influential.

Ideally, when you are not pleased with your current flooring, you would replace it for one better suited to the style you choose for you home. But “ideally”doesn’t always happen, and that’s a good thing! This gives you the opportunity to pursue other interesting alternatives.

Sometimes, you might need to disguise the strong presence of your flooring with the smart use of color and furnishings, and in these cases, you may find yourself in need to use… RUGS!!

I love area rugs. Lately, we’ve been searching for fresh and modern but casual rugs, so I thought it nice to share our favorite finds.

Spanish rug company, Gan, is one of our ultimate favorites when it comes to originality. Seriously, they host designs by the best textile/furniture designers, and their techniques are beautiful.







If you find that you need to add a bit more of an edge, by Henzel rugs are the way to go. This Swedish studio just launched their Diamond Dust/Nordic Raw collection this year.. we’re obsessed. If you’re a fellow Miamian, you can go check out these beauties at our local favorite, Anima Domus, they’re even able to customize colors for you!