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Yes, there is a right way to set your table

Apr 03, 2013 Written by Alicia


There are many things you must learn once you have a home of your own. Hosting, an aptitude that perfects with practice, is among the most rewarding skills you can acquire. In my interest  to learn how to properly host a dinner, I realized how important it is to instinctively know how to set up [...]

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Category: Home Style

Modern, iconic, and timeless

Apr 01, 2013 Written by bitmellow


    On our last trip to Luminaire Miami, we were reminded of this bit of  superior design. This chair, Terminal 1, is definitely one of our favorite modern pieces. Jean-Marie Massaud designed this lounge chair for B&B Italia in 2008 and immediately became an iconic piece for this notorious furniture label. It was shown at the [...]

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Category: One Shot