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DIY: Chocolate Brigadeiros

Mar 29, 2013 Written by Daniela


I was born and raised in Brazil. Raising a 4 year old in the U.S. is a blessing, no doubt. Though I still would like to teach her about her brazilian heritage in one way or another (since the home-schooled portuguese lessons aren’t really paying off yet). I find that cooking is an easier way [...]

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Category: DIY, Recipes

Spring Fashion Inspiration for your Home

Mar 27, 2013 Written by bitmellow


There is no doubt, fashion has to be one of the major forms of inspiration for interior design. The best thing about following fashion trends is that they’re very temporary, so you don’t have to re-design a whole area but instead just carefully add a little here an there to get the feel of what [...]

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Category: Home Style

Voyage: Light Installation

Mar 25, 2013 Written by Alicia


We found this installation too beautiful not to share! Aether & Hemera is an interdisciplinary collaboration that researches the sensory effects of light in different settings, from urban scale to home objects. This light installation, Voyage, aims to evoke memories of young dreams of travel and exploration. The “paper” boats are made from polypropylene sheets [...]

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Category: One Shot

Flower applications for your home!

Mar 20, 2013 Written by bitmellow


 It is the first day of spring! We love love love this spring air of newness and good energy <3 To honor the beginning of the season, we put together a selection of great ideas to decorate with flowers to bring some vividness into your home and dust out the old winter feel (or not, [...]

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Category: Home Style

Flux: Some cool chair

Mar 18, 2013 Written by Alicia


This idea originated from the desire to create a strong piece of furniture from a single piece of material. The Flux chair looks like a giant envelope when flat and turns into a solid chair without the need of any tools. This Dutch design is also made form sustainable polypropylene, available in different colors, with [...]

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Category: Home Style

DIY: Fancy handmade china

Mar 15, 2013 Written by Alicia


I recently bumped into this cool idea on Pinterest and decided to try it. I wish I had come up with it because its the cutest way to personalize your cups, mugs, or anything porcelain. I purchased simple mugs from Pottery Barn, and used my favorite Pier 1 espresso cups. It goes without saying that this is [...]

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Category: DIY, Home Style

Bedroom Inspiration

Mar 13, 2013 Written by Daniela

feature image-01

In my years of practicing interior design, I’ve discovered that images are most useful to spark inspiration after hours of sketching and detailing. For me, finding a good bank of design photos with elegant but usable content is like finding a treasure buried deep at the bottom of the Google sea. Due to the anticipation [...]

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Category: Home Style

Formal Gown Obsession

Mar 11, 2013 Written by bitmellow

Bridal gown-01

We recently discovered spanish designer, Rosa Clará, and immediately fell in love with the delicate and sophisticated style of these gorgeous gowns. Definitely a piece of eye candy!

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Category: One Shot

DIY: Child size library

Mar 08, 2013 Written by Daniela


I love that my daughter loves books. Unfortunately, her bookshelf has become really crowded lately and, being that children’s books are particularly thin, it almost encourages her to forget about the books instead of reading them. I decided I wanted to resolve this with a fresh idea, so I started researching for storage/display solutions and [...]

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Category: DIY